Writing a novel with voice recognition software

While I was doing that, of course, I was having to keep in check the impulse to follow the train of thought further. Every so often the dog would have to stop and impatiently retrace its steps, yapping at the owner to speed up.

Writing a novel with voice recognition software

Read More voice to text apps to its line of desktop and mobile applications. These voice recognition programs have come a long way, but before you spend the money on a computer version of Dragon Dictate, you might want to practice the art of writing dictation using one of the mobile iOS versions of Dictateespecially the app optimized for the iPad.

However, the following are some tips and practice for learning how to dictate writing using one of the mobile versions. Learning to dictate writing is almost like learning to write all over again. Typing Speed vs Dictation Speed First off, to see just how much faster Dragon can type than you can, take a quick online typing test.

Reading vs Writing If you did the reading dictation exercise above, Dragon Dictate no doubt finished the typing for you in about the same time it took you to verbally read the text — probably less than twenty seconds. But honestly, reading existing text is always faster than writing original text.

If you have never used writing dictation, you will find the writing dictation process takes just about as long as the manual writing process, only the typing is faster. Writing dictation is not the same as holding a conversation with someone. Writing dictation requires that you be more deliberate in your thoughts.

Practice Dictation The best way to learn writing dictation is to practice.

writing a novel with voice recognition software

My goal was to train my mind to formulate thoughts before speaking them. You can use this same exercise with the Dragon mobile apps, especially if you find writing dictation a challenge.

writing a novel with voice recognition software

Just open the program and challenge yourself to dictate a full screen of text. Just work toward fluency in dictation. Sometimes the program will stop recording while your dictating. When that happens, simply tap the record button and continue where you left off. It will of course have trouble with proper nouns, names, and homonyms — words that sound the same but are spelled differently.

Dragon also does better when you speak entire phrases and sentences at a time, instead of single words. As for dictating numbers, Dragon will typically type numbers in the context you say them, e.

In terms of dictating proper nouns, Dragon might not always perform as well. Typically you will have to manually type special names. In the computer version you can train the program to type proper nouns not listed in its vast dictionary.Voice recognition software for writing books Hello It is called Dragon Naturally speaking, if you have Windows XP it will run easily, all you need is a good microphone.

· Since I have used Dragon NaturallySpeaking — software that turns voice into text three times faster than typing — for more than 12 years, I know the "ins and outs" of voice recognition srmvision.com  · But there’s a big hole in that software and saying, as some of the Scrivener Team said to me (not a complaint about them and their good job, only to testify the way of thinking), that you can use the System tools means not understanding what is the main goal of a writer: writing,, not reviewing and organizing its srmvision.com://srmvision.com  · On writing fiction with voice-recognition software Justine Larbalestier, a very good novelist with very bad RSI, has written a great post called "Why I Cannot Write a Novel With Voice Recognition srmvision.com  · Matthew Mansfield is an accomplished software engineer specializing in C# and VB stand alone programs as well as web applications.

In , Matthew founded Mansfield Engineering, a software firm dedicated to providing excellent solutions for clients in need of automation and technology srmvision.com://srmvision.com  · Voice Recognition Software and writing Writers' Corner.

JoeC, Direct Ebooks, Many thanks for the responses. Your comments add to my suspicion is that Voice Recognition doesn't simplify/add to the writing experience unless you have a disability of some kind srmvision.com?t=

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