P3 in this assignement i will

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P3 in this assignement i will

It is also a good way for companies to network with other companies and create new business contacts. These conferences are for the main political parties, whether it be the main government or local government political parties. The main government political conferences mainly happen in seaside resorts in the autumn town, which benefits the local businesses as it brings in extra money for the hotels and hospitality services when the holiday season is coming to an end.

An example of a political conference which relates to travel and tourism is the World Tourism Organisation. This type of conferences occur all of the UK and range in size and budget.

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A company can have a yearly meeting in a small local hotel or on the larger side of the scale the Grosvenor House Hotel hosts the annual conference of the Confederation of British Industry. The people who attend the business conferences have to participate in work shops to help them learn new ideas to expand their business and increase sales Educational conferences are organised by teaching unions and some conferences can be only for certain educational subjects for teachers and lectures.

Academic conferences are similar to educational conferences but they are organised for lectures in universities. The subjects talked about are at a higher level than educational and can take place all over the world. Road shows are quite a popular way of having a trade fair as they go to many locations across a certain area to promote their products and services and showing them to a wide range of people rather then just in one location Specialist organisations — There are four types of specialist organisations and they are: The organisers do a lot to create an exhibition ranging from: Ascent Events is an example of a exhibition organiser.

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When associations plan events they need to use products and services from the industry to help get a message across or just meet up with everyone in one place. ABTA have a yearly conference which changes location every year to talk about current and future factors affecting travel and travel agencies.

These organisations have events and conferences to have a political debate about many different topics, staff members from all of the government departments attend to keep up to date about current and future developments. Both central and local governments organise events.

Transport companies will be an important contact for event organisers as they may need people to be picked up from train station or even airports to be taken to an a location for the event.

The transport company may even be booked by event management companies if someone is having a wedding and want not only a bridal car but cars to take every party member from one location to the other. This is an important link within the travel and tourism industry, as when a day trip is planned many sectors of the industry are involved: Companies who find venues and arrange events are becoming more popular as people are not having enough time or the effort to plan the event whether it be a wedding or a party.

More and more people are becoming event planners and working from home rather than joining a business. Event management companies are also increasing as some people who are paying for the staff to plan the event may not know all the products they need for an event and if any public liability insurance is needed.

Venue finding and event management companies have increased due to the ever increasing need for planners. Because of the internet and technology developments are increasing it has an impact on conferences and seminars. More businesses are having web conferences and e-meetings, which they can do through the phone and video calls, this is having a negative impact on needing conferences and seminars as people do not need to hire out a venue, get a catering company and an event planner.

For example, a report done by business week stated a company in America have got rid of staff training as they are having virtual meetings and training. The technology planned for the company staff training and each delegate will have a virtual person where they go into a building which can either be a conference centre or a meeting room.

They can also choose what sessions they want to attend and learn things. Security is an extremely needed thing when an event, conference and exhibition occurs, if it is well promoted and well known, security measures will have to be increased. Security is needed for different areas of the event: Purpose built venues are having to put on more security when hosting events and conferences because of the terror attacks.

The Excel in London increased the amount of security after the Paris attacks in November, the purpose built venue also have a strong contact with the local police force if a sudden emergency occurs.

The manager of the security team at the venue said the security workers work in shifts so the venue is constantly being secured and protected at all times, even in the dead of night.

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This may affect the event environment negatively, because if more security is needed, visitors may not want to go because of the risk of something happening. The Excel centre is a purpose built centre and is near the Victoria Docks. The stations to get off at ExCel are: The 02 is located at Pensinsula Square near Greenwich park in London.

The station for the 02 is North Greenwich and is on the jubilee line.LAB Assignement: L2_P3 Learning Objective: a. Improve your method of reduction techniques b.

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P3 in this assignement i will

Use 74xx series to design the logic circuit Demos and Discsussions K-map solver LAB Assignement: L2_P4 Student Demo Student Demo2 Student Demo3 Student Demo4 Student Demo5 Student Demo6 Report.

Essay Research Methodology - Unit 22 - P1. Sarbjit Kaur Unit 22 – Research Methodology P1 – Explain the function of research in health and social care In this assignment I will be explaining what research is, the roles of research and the purpose of research. P3-Describe how a selected organisation uses marketing research to contribute to the development of its marketing plans In this section of the unit the investigation of the marketing research used by Kellogg’s will be shown through thorough research and evaluation also how it links in to the development of Kellogg’s marketing plans.

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