Managerial functions enhancing productivity

Overall, the quick outlook would hopefully have highlighted the alignment of the functions of management in different management theories. What do these functions entail, why are they important and how to utilize them? Planning The first managerial function involves planning. The function is about creating a detailed plan towards achieving a specific organizational objective.

Managerial functions enhancing productivity

Some of the functions directly affected by the operations manager are purchasing, manufacturing, shipping, packaging, human resources, company finance and computer support. To understand the job a production manager is required to do, you need to understand how the functions of an operations manager increase productivity.

Equipment Upgrades One of the responsibilities of an operations manager is to analyze work functions and determine what equipment upgrades would improve productivity.

This includes the manufacturing operations, office functions such as the computer network and office equipment and improvements to the building itself.

How Can Functions of the Operations Manager Increase Productivity? |

The operations manager determines which equipment changes will improve company efficiency, creates a budget for implementing the changes and then submits the information to the executive team for consideration. Communication Coordination Improved communication within an organization can increase productivity.

When information can get from one department to another quickly and accurately, it can speed up the pace at which the company can operate and insures that all necessary parties get the information they need to be productive.

An operations manager is responsible for making sure that the tools necessary to facilitate efficient communication within the organization are in place. For example, he may set up an adequate computer accounting system that calculates current inventory and sends that information to the manufacturing department to maintain product levels for fulfilling orders.

Revenue Collection The operations manager is in charge of billing and revenue collection.

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By analyzing revenue collection procedures, the operations manager can create ways of collecting revenue quickly to make sure the company has cash on hand. For example, an improved cash flow through an enhanced revenue collection process can persuade vendors to extend larger lines of credit and increase the amount of materials the company can purchase to make product.

Training Operational managers work with the human resources department and departmental managers to develop more efficient ways for employees to do their jobs. Analyzing work functions is one of the many tasks that an operations manager performs each day. In the course of analyzing the efficiency of the work process, the operations manager determines ways that the employee can maximize productivity.

The operations manager then develops a training program, in conjunction with the departmental manager, that the employee can undertake to improve his personal productivity.Productivity describes various measures of the efficiency of production.A productivity measure is expressed as the ratio of output to inputs used in a production process, i.e.

output per unit of input. Productivity is a crucial factor in .

Equipment Upgrades

Enhancing Productivity and Profitability by Determination Of Poor Quality Cost, using Dashboard MIS 6| ) Dashboards Reports Defining dashboard report Few () states that it is a visual display of. Watch video · Controlling is the final function of management in which the manager, once a plan has been carried out, evaluates the results against the goals.

Managerial functions enhancing productivity

If a . The need to ensure and enhance employee productivity is a reality no business can ignore. If you run a business you'll want to lean away from doing the mundane and routine when you can. However.

Besides understanding what employees value and how they differ, (Gittens, ), or otherwise providing appropriate incentives, having constant simple, yet educational conversations with the staff will also do good to strengthen the ties between them and the organization, enhancing productivity in a way.

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