In the world of art a

Deborah Riley, the production designer, begins looking for references to new locations in the outline. The pair are usually in Belfast for about six months a year. Wherever in the world they happen to be, they get daily video from the shoots and field an endless stream of emails from staff on location. Around the world, new message notifications lit up smartphone screens.

In the world of art a

Leonardo da Vinci's The Foetus in the Womb. Inside is the beginning of us all laid bare. Five hundred years ago, this artist and scientist could portray the human mystery with a wonder that is not religious but biological he holds up humanity In the world of art a a fact of nature.

It is for me the most beautiful work of art in the world. Alamy Caravaggio shows a murderous moment in a prison yard. The executioner has drawn a knife to sever the last tendons and skin of John the Baptist's neck. Someone watches this horrific moment from a barred window.

All around is sepulchral gloom. Death and human cruelty are laid bare by this masterpiece, as its scale and shadow daunt and possess the mind. He is looking at you. The authority of genius and age gaze out of this autumnal masterpiece with a moral scrutiny that is terrifying.

Rembrandt seems to see into the beholder's soul and perceive every failing. He is like God. He is the most serious artist of all, because he makes everyone who stands before him a supplicant in the court of truth.

Chauvet cave paintings c 30, years ago Spotted horses from the stone-age cave paintings found at Chauvet.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

PA Who painted these exquisitely lifelike portraits of animals? There was no such thing as writing in the ice age so nothing is known of the names, if they had names, of these early people.

Cave artists may have been women; they may have been children. What is known is that Homo sapiens, our species of human, makes its mark with these paintings that are as beautiful and intelligent as anything created since.

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Alamy The art of Jackson Pollock is a modern mystery. How, from flinging paint on a canvas laid on the ground, did he create such beauty and inner structure?

In the world of art a

Like a solo by Charlie Parker or Jimi Hendrix, his freeform improvisations loop and lurch and yet achieve a profound unity. Pollock only held this together for a short period of brilliance. This painting is a cathedral of the mind.

Velazquez looks from the portrait he is painting of the royal couple. The infanta and her retinue of maids meninas and dwarf entertainers are gathered before the monarch. In the distance, a minister or messenger is at the door.

In a bright mirror, the royal reflection glows. This painting is a many-layered model of the world's strangeness. Alamy When Picasso started to paint his protest at the bombing of Guernica, the ancient Basque capital, by Hitler's air force on behalf of Franco in the Spanish Civil War, he was at the height of his powers.

Thirty years after painting his subversive modernist grenade of a picture Les Demoiselles d'Avignonhis cubist intelligence was now enriched by the mythology and poetry unleashed by the surrealist movement.

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He also looked back to such historical paintings as Raphael's Fire in the Borgo as he set down the greatest human statement of the 20th century.

Michelangelo — Prisoners c Michelangelo, Prisoners, or Slaves. In its entirety — including the Dying and Rebellious Slaves in the Louvre and the statue of Moses on the final, reduced version of the tomb eventually erected in Rome — this constitutes the greatest unfinished masterpiece in the world.

Yet Michelangelo did not leave things unfinished out of laziness.The Art World Had Its Own Alan Sokal, Back In The s "In , American literary scholar and author Paul Jordan-Smith adopted a new identity: Pavel Jerdanowitch, an avant-garde Russian artist whose visceral paintings would beguile modern art critics.

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