How to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008 installer

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How to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008 installer

Although this flexibility provides customers with a wide range of product options, the complexity and diversity of these options make it a challenge for system administrators and information technology IT professionals to debug a problematic configuration or identify the components that might be responsible for system instability.

This section describes the test and troubleshooting tools that can test the Windows print system that are available from Microsoft to system administrators and IT support staff.

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It also describes the procedures for testing and analyzing the information that these tools produce. You can use these tools and procedures to troubleshoot problems in deployed servers and to test printer and print server configurations before they are deployed.

The following are the general steps to test and troubleshoot the print subsystem: Download and install the tools. Configure the debugger and, if necessary, a remote debugging console to examine the problem and record information for later analysis by Microsoft Product Support engineers.

Configure AppVerifier and Print Verifier for the type of test or tests that you want to perform. Print the documents that cause the error or test the component or configuration. Record and analyze the results. Record the results that AppVerifier produces.

At this point, you can send this information to Microsoft Product Support engineers or analyze the information and continue troubleshooting.

Correct the problem and repeat the tests. After you have found and corrected the problem, repeat the tests to make sure that those problems were not masking another problem.

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They also collect information that is detailed enough to help a Microsoft Product Support engineer troubleshoot the problem. AppVerifier manages the tests that can help you locate and identify problems in applications and system components, such as the print spooler, printer queues, and printer drivers.

To install the Debugging Tools for Windows, do the following: Debugging Tools for Windows includes several source-level debuggers: The version of NTSD in the system32 directory has the following limitations: It cannot be used for remote debugging through the debugger.

It might not match the information found in this document. WinDbg WinDbg is a Windows-based debugging tool that can debug both user mode and kernel mode. WinDbg provides source-level debugging for the Windows kernel, kernel-mode drivers, system services, user-mode applications, and user-mode drivers.

WinDbg could be used to debug the print subsystem, but the NTSD commands that are described in this document might not work the same way in WinDbg.

KD KD is a character-based console program that enables in-depth analysis of kernel-mode activity on all NT-based operating systems. KD supports multiprocessor debugging and can be used to debug kernel-mode programs and drivers and to monitor the behavior of the operating system.

This debugger is not necessary for debugging the print subsystem because the print subsystem components run in user mode. Application Verifier AppVerifier is a run-time verification and test tool that monitors programs for compatibility, stability, and security issues.

If you suspect that the print subsystem has a problem, you can also use the Print Verifier feature of AppVerifier to examine the print subsystem in greater detail.

The Print Verifier feature is described later in this document. Print Verifier is a feature of AppVerifier that provides additional monitoring of the print subsystem.The article explains how to access and work with Word document content objects such as Range, Page, Paragraph, Section, Sentence & Selection. code samples are provided. Working with Word document content objects - code samples.

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Sets whether to display a popup menu that prompts the user to set Paper Type and Paper Size when the paper is loaded in the MPF. mm /inch Specifies the width of the custom size paper.

Page Job History. Selected forums Clear. Filter: All threads All threads that had both x64 and x86 headers and I put it on another computer using the same settings in the Visual Studio Installer and none of the headers are able to load.

I have created a custom, lookless control to define a set of common functionalities and a common look for all pages in. Use Print Distributor to distribute, archive, route and control your printed output.

You can also query attributes of the document itself such as whether it is a double side print or is set to use a specific paper tray in your conditions. If there is something you need but we don't have then we can provide additional custom actions for.

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how to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008 installer

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how to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008 installer
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