Highlights from my recent pakistan trip

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Highlights from my recent pakistan trip

It's wonderful to see how their two sons grow up.

My recent trip to Abbotabad revealed so much about Pakistan’s colonial past and PTI’s

Just shows that camping is truly a wonderful family activity. Favorites CollectCollect this now for later Joao. Eca While there's no right or wrong way to blog, great content is the key to blogging success. But share-worthy content isn't always easy to come up with or create, is it?

Today I'm coming to the rescue with 50 blog post ideas that you can use to provide your readers with quality content and keep them coming back for more.

Share a behind-the-scenes look of your blog or business. Everyone loves getting sneak peeks of what your office looks like, photos of things "in the works," and looks at rough drafts.

Highlights from my recent pakistan trip

Michaela Noelle did this on her blog last week and it was a great success! It also adds a little personality to your blog and allows your readers to connect with you.

Write a blog series on your process. I did this with my creative process last month and it was a huge hit. This is helpful for readers who are in a similar field and for potential clients and customers.

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Roundup helpful posts and link to other bloggers. Readers also like finding out which blogs you follow along with and what posts you find interesting, so link to other bloggers and share articles and posts that might be helpful for your audience. This is also a great way to connect and network with other bloggers.

I can see which bloggers refer to me in my analytics and I almost always reach out to them! Jenny Purr does a great job with link-ups. Write a post on how you got started. We all love a good success story.

Share your experience and tell your readers how you got here. And on that note Share tips on how to become successful in your industry. Which resources and advice have helped you get to where you are? Don't keep all of those tips to yourself - share the love with your readers!

Feature a professional in your field. This is also a great networking opportunity. Readers love getting free things, whether it's content, entertainment, or goodies. Create excitement around your blog and reward your readers for following along with you by hosting a giveaway!

Write a polarizing post about something you may not agree with in your field. While it's easy for all of us to go along with the crowd and do what's popular, there may be some things in your industry that you want to do differently.

Please note that I'm not promoting negativity, complaining, ranting, or bashing - there's a way to go about this tastefully and respectfully. Make a list of things you wish you had known when Share a handful of things you wish you had known when you first started blogging, writing, designing, doing calligraphy, photographing weddings, etc.

Share a day-in-the-life post. We all like to see how successful people go about their day. Write down your day without going into too much detail and give your readers an insider look! Breanna Rose does this in her Creative Diaries series, and they are some of my favorite posts.

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Ask someone to guest post about something specific in your industry. We never have all the answers and it's fun to get advice from other people that are doing great things in your field. It's also fun to highlight talented people and bring attention to their business.

You could even look at it as a networking and marketing opportunity and do a trade - ask someone to guest post on your blog in return for guest posting on theirs. Write an informational post about your blogging platform.

Readers love learning about how you do what you do. Roundup and highlight the tools you use in your trade.Oct 06,  · EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Matt McCormick on his recent trip to Pakistan and the Copp-Dash Inspire Award. By Gavin Heverly Matt McCormick is a good friend of mine, and a familiar face around these parts.

A fact long-hidden in Pakistan, shrouded in the silence of stigma, is now official.

Highlights from my recent pakistan trip

Several child rape cases have shocked Pakistan in recent months, A Trip to the Border Highlights. Majeed Huts dhaba in Islamabad is one of my personal favorite restaurants from my entire trip to Pakistan.

Total price – 1, PKR ($) for everything The Monal – When we were in Islamabad we had to run a few errands in the afternoon, and things go late, so we didn’t make it up to Monal until dusk. My Own Room - From $ If you're travelling solo and would prefer to have your own private room throughout your trip, select this option during the online booking process.

Departures. Oct 15,  · Highlights of some trips I made in the past years. Travelling, knowlegde and friendships are the things that make you truly rich, so go out there and become. This article illustrates a number of key tips that can help you to plan and budget your monthly installment before you get a home loan in Pakistan.

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