Explore the significance of curleys wife

Here are 2 statements. How would you respond to them?

Explore the significance of curleys wife

Lennie and George's relationship The very first section of Of Mice and Men is devoted to Lennie and George, in which both their characters are created.

They are almost opposites, with George's "sharp, defined" features and Lennie's "shapeless face". Lennie's mentality is created from the moment we see him, as he rushes for the water, lapping it up "like a horse".

He has no understanding over the situation, and drinks just because he's thirsty.

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George quickly chastises him, explaining how the water could be "bad" and make Lennie "sick, like last night". This shows that Lennie doesn't take in, or understand what George says, as he has learned nothing from the previous incident which we assume has happened many times before.

Throughout the novel, Lennie is likened to animals, using similes and metaphors. As he's first introduced, he "walked heavily, dragging his feet," "the way a bear drags his feet". Already mentioned is the horse simile.

Why does Steinbeck use this technique? It's another way of creating Lennie's mental disability. He is very strong, however, just like a bear or other animal, he has little control over his strength and emotions.

As we've already seen, George tries to take care of Lennie. In their relationship, George is in control, while Lennie is just like a little kid. We see many, many examples of this throughout the novel, and just one example is, "like a terrier who doesn't want to bring a ball to its master".

Another simile compares Lennie to an animal, though this one shows him as something small, and though unwilling, unable to do anything about it. At the same time, it calls George the "master". Another note to make is that George threatens to "sock" Lennie, and despite his gigantic size, Lennie never even thinks to fight back.

This once more shows his simplicity, and in a more subtle hint that as Slim and George say, he "ain't mean". Why does George stick with Lennie? However, his anger soon fades, and "he looked ashamedly at the fire". This shows his guilt, and that in reality, he didn't mean all the nasty things he said about being stuck with Lennie.

George gets companionship from being with Lennie. While their relationship first started with him knowing Lennie's Aunt Clara any conspiracy theories? When they talk about the dream, he explains this. However, George isn't like this because he has Lennie, to talk to, to take care of, and to be admired by.

Alongside Lennie, George feels "smart" - the reason he once played tricks on Lennie. Because of their relationship, George makes the ultimate sacrifice for Lennie at the end.

Death is the easy option. George will have to live and work as one of the "loneliess guys in the world" for the rest of his life. More on that later. Candy and his dog Friendship is a strong issue in the novel, and a lack of it.

Even Slim finds it "funny how you an' 'im string along together" -- talking about George and Lennie. The boss thinks George must be "takin' his pay" Lennie's because he "never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy".

Candy and his dog are another key instant where the lack of friendship is shown. Their relationship mirrors George and Lennie's in many respects, such as Candy's had the dog "from a pup".

Explore the Significance of Curley's Wife in 'Of Mice and Men' How is Curley's Wife presented in 'Of Mice and Men'? The novel is a microcosm, a cross section of society reflecting the prejudice. Nov 14,  · Steinbeck also stated his purpose was to explore man's inhumanity to man . and the unfinished children of nature. All this explains her contradictory behaviors. But I really don't believe that she is coming on to Lennie, Crooks, or Candy. Loneliness essay of mice and men candy quotes on crooks amp video youtube plan buy an for in short to know about this curley 39 s wife is free outline plagiarism report a major themes please upload via.

Candy gets companionship just from having the dog around - much as George does Lennie - and remembering the olden days, "the finest sheepdog".

However, the other ranch workers don't understand this relationship. Carlson thinks that just because the dog is "old" and useless, it should be put out of its misery.

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Candy tries to protest to this, tries to make them understand how long they've been together and what the dog means to him, but none of the others understand. Even "Godlike" Slim agrees with Carlson, and Candy, with no other alternative, is forced to submit. Curley's Wife In the early stages of the book, she is presented through the eyes of the other characters, in very unflattering terms like "tramp" and "bitch".

Only innocent Lennie has a less negative response, "She's perty," for which George hastily reprimands her. George fears that she will get them into trouble and calls her "jailbait":Curley’s wife comes into the bunkhouse claiming to be looking for Curley.

THE NOVEL Students must first understand the simple plot line of the tale before they enjoy its symbolic and thematic significance. “how long’s it gonna be till we get that little place an’ live on the fatta the lan’-an’ rabbits?” Of Mice and Men PDF.

When Curley's wife suggests that Lennie stroke her hair, we know she, too, is doomed. • Curley's Wife • Most of the ranch hands except for Slim brand Curley's wife as a 'tart'. In fact, she is portrayed as such whenever she appears, obviously playing up to and teasing the men.

Explore the significance of curleys wife

The Boss is a well-dressed man who is in charge of the ranch. He is also Curley’s father. In the story, he doesn’t have a name and he only occurs once. Candy likes him because he delivered a gallon of whiskey to the ranch-hands on Christmas day.

Of Mice and Men-Curleys Wife Analysis Essay Of Mice and Men is a novel set on a ranch in the Salinas Valley in California, during the Great Depression of the s by John Steinbeck. It was the first work to bring Steinbeck’s national recognition as a writer.

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