Essay about forrest gump

Disability Disability refers to the social effects of physical, emotional, or mental impairment. Disabled people are human, Just like us. Thus, they should be treated like us.

Essay about forrest gump

Use an editor to spell check essay. You never know what you're going to get" -says the main character Forrest in the beginning of the movie Forrest Gump.

This very unusual quote that leaves a peculiar feeling in viewer's mind. Forrest himself is a very interesting person. Although the readers and the viewers know that he doesn't have an IQ of a "normal" human it doesn't stop them from loving and understanding him, maybe even realizing how this "abnormality" gives him an uniquely positive perspective of life.

During his life, Forrest becomes a football player, a war hero, and a successful businessman. However, he always stays true not only to his friends, family and believes but also to his love for Jenny Curran. There are many adventures that Forrest has to face during his life, and both in the film and in the book they are somewhat different, but no matter where he is or what he is doing he is always thinking about Jenny.

Forrest takes part in Vietnam War and while saving lives of many people he gets wounded. In the hospital he meets another very important hero, Lieutenant Dan. The life of this character is so damaged by the war that he is unable to get it back. But even at this, as many would think, dead end situation Forrest helps him not only financially but also morally.

Robert Zemeckis, director of Forrest Gump, chooses not to include several adventures that are present in the book and to change the character's personality. However, the adjustments to the main heroes's characters and the addition of several touching moments change the book into a heart breaking movie.

The viewer of the movie might notice few changes to the characters such as Jenny, Forrest's mother, Lieutenant Dan, and Forrest himself.

Essay about forrest gump

Furthermore, the scenes such as the long run of main character, Forrest's meeting with Dan, and especially the ending of the film change the plot and make it more touching. There are many differences that Robert Zemeckis makes to the characters. Some of the minor heroes were not included in the film because director chooses not to include several scenes.

However, the most obvious change is made to Lieutenant Dan.

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This character is an intelligent, smart, but at the same time psychologically damaged by the war. The reader sees how his life of being a successful, self-confident history teacher transforms into something that Dan doesn't want.

At the same time in the movie it is hard to identify this sudden changes of Dan's life and also hard to see his true spirit before the awful incident that made him loose his legs.

Furthermore, director chooses to change not only the appearance of the main character but also his personality.

It seems as if in the book Forrest is much more smarter but at same time less innocent than he is in the film. This significant changes play an important role in the viewer's perspective of Forrest.

Also he is described as a big, tall, and a really strong person while in the movie the viewer would describe him as an average man. Jenny, and Forrest's mother are the only two people that love Forrest the way he is.

In the book, however, it seems as if Forrest's mother doesn't take him more than just an idiot. You is a idiot.

How is an idiot gonna have a plan? However, his mental impairment doesn't seem to bother Jenny, the love of Forrest's life, who's feelings toward Forrest evolve differently in the movie compare to the book.

The viewer of Forrest Gump doesn't know her real feelings and might even think that the main character is the person to whom she runs for a comfort and a place to stay until she is strong enough to run away again.

This change certainly changes the viewer's perspective on Jenny's personality. These differences in characters certainly played a big and an important role in the choices of director.

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It is clear that from the book one gets a better and a more sincere view on characters and their lives. The selection of the characters is one of the most significant parts not only of the book but in the movie as well.

There are a lot of changes that director has made to make the story seem more real and interesting. In this book several scenes seem so unreal and absurd that the movie with them wouldn't make the same impression on the viewer.

The main change to the plot was made by the resolution of the movie when little Forrest, the main character's son, stays with his father. This makes the story seem more hopeful and touching.Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump is a man who is a little naïve as well as a little slow-witted but he is very athletic and is from Alabama.

The movie is based on the book written by Winston Groom and it shows several events throughout Forrest’s’ life. Forrest Gump, by Robert Zemeckis, is a very interesting movie and presents a man (Forrest Gump) who tells his story and how he had has an interesting life.

When he was a child, he had to have a special metal brace attached to his legs to straighten them. Well, I have, as a matter of fact wrote an essay about a person I want to meet, Forrest Gump. “ Forrest Gump,” is a movie released on July 6th ; its actor is an individual named Tom Hanks.

The movie is mostly about him narrating an autobiography of his whole life by a bus stop. “Forrest Gump” is a drama with comical aspects. It was directed by Robert Zemeckis and released in It is about a man facing the challenges in his life. The story spans from and takes place in different locations of America, and Vietnam.

Forrest Gump isn’t the smartest guy on. Writing sample of essay on given topic "Forrest Gump" Introduction This paper aims to discuss a movie summary and analysis.

The chosen movie is “Forest Gump”, which is an American film with a comedy-drama genre. The movie Forrest Gump was released in and directed by Robert Zemeckis. It tells the life story of a man who was born with the intellect below average and still managed to achieve much in his life – after having problems with legs and wearing leg braces Forrest manages to enroll to the football team at school, then enlists to the army and gets to .

Essay about forrest gump
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