Detailed description of christ in the

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Detailed description of christ in the

Even though judgment is said to be complete at the pouring of the final bowl, we saw that several more chapters were still ahead before the kingdom of God finally arrives on earth and Satan is bound in preparation for the Millennial Kingdom to follow Rev.

In this chapter, John sees the exultation in heaven at the destruction of the Harlot on the earth below. Then he sees the marriage of the Lamb which is followed by the return of Jesus Christ to earth at His victorious Second Coming.

The kingdom of the Beast has wasted the earth Isa. Those who follow God have been more intensely exterminated than at any time in history past. The saints that remain on earth lack the mark of the Beast needed for commercial activity Rev.

They are either in hiding, living off the black market, or they are in the special place of protection provided by God see Sheep in Bozrah.

The Meaning of 'Logos' in the Prologue of John's Gospel

All appears to be lost. Then, at the darkest hour—which is always just before the dawn—heaven is opened and the long-awaited Saviour is seen riding forth with the armies of heaven in glorious array! Not only is the Second Coming of Christ perhaps the most dramatic event in Scripture, it ends the continually downward trend of history.

Although sin and death remain for another one thousand years Isa. Even this, in all its fullness, is to be surpassed in the final state when both sin and death are vanquished and the new heavens and new earth become the final abode for the righteous of all ages with full communion with God Rev.

This is the sweep of history before us and explains why this chapter is the Alleluia chorus—the word alleluia appearing four times in this chapter and nowhere else in the NT.

For example, John is shown the destruction of Babylon under the seventh bowl judgment Rev.

The Christian religion

I heard a loud voice of a great multitude in heaven John heard a similar voice or noise from heaven when theredeemed of Israel learned the new song Rev. There, the voice or noise was not explicitly identified as a multitude, but mention was made of numerous harps so it is probably a similar heavenly multitude in both scenes.

The voices are of all those in heaven including: They sing in unison as one mighty, thunderous voice Rev. You all praise Jah! Bless Jehovah, O my soul.

Detailed description of christ in the

Salvation from God is said to have come at the casting out of Satan, the accuser of the brethren, from heaven Rev. Glory and honor and power are attributed to God by the twenty-four elders because of His act of creation Rev. Every creature in heaven and on earth gives glory and honor and power to both God the Father and the Lamb Rev.

Their praise recognizes the salvation found in the redemption provided by the Lamb: Here, salvation is probably broader than personal redemption, but includes the rescue of all of creation, and especially the earth, from the corrupting influence of the Harlot Rev.

See Worship of God. See commentary on Revelation The judgments of God are accurately assessed trueutterly just, even required righteous. Rather, their severity is a testimony to His righteousness—for only He knows the full breadth and depth of the sin which He now judges.

His holiness requires judgment of sin. His true character guarantees He will deliver judgment. If He withheld judgment, He would be neither holy nor true. The multitude declares the events of both chapters as a single judgment of the Harlotwhich is the city. There is no intimation of two judgments, as if the Harlot was some other entity than the city itself.

If the Harlot is taken as being something other than the city, then Scripture fails to record any heavenly exultation over the destruction of the city itself.

This exultation over the great Harlot is in response to the destruction of the city. See The Great Harlot. She committed fornication both with the kings of the earth and its inhabitants Rev.We at Dial-the-Truth Ministries praise the Lord for you receiving the Lord Jesus Christ. It's the greatest thing you can ever do!

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Detailed description of christ in the

In this paper, I shall discuss some of the physical aspects of the passion, or suffering, of Jesus Christ. Swallowed by Satan: How Our Lord Jesus Christ Saved Me from Pornography, Homosexuality, and the Occult.

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In the beginning was the λόγος (John ) The word λόγος (logos) in the prologue of John's Gospel is a word with a very interesting history in ancient theological is translated 'Word' in English versions, but this translation does not express everything .

A formula containing in brief statements, or 'articles,' the fundamental tenets of Christian belief, and having for its authors, according to tradition, the Twelve Apostles.