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Check list mccg

Securities and Exchange Commission. December 29, For Further Information Contact: Questions about specific filings should be directed to staff members responsible for reviewing the documents the registrant files with the Commission.

We believe that management's most important responsibilities include communicating with investors in a clear and straightforward manner. It is to provide readers information "necessary to an understanding of [a company's] financial condition, changes in financial condition and results of operations.

Management has a unique perspective on its business that only it can present. The recent review experiences of the staff of the Division of Corporation Finance, including its Fortune review, 4 have led us to conclude that additional guidance would be especially useful in the following areas: Therefore, in this release, we emphasize the following points regarding overall presentation: We also emphasize the following points regarding Check list mccg and content: First, companies Check list mccg evaluate an increased amount of information to determine which information they must disclose.

In doing so, companies should avoid the unnecessary information overload for investors that can result from disclosure of information that is not required, is immaterial, and does not promote understanding.

Second, in identifying, discussing and analyzing known material trends and uncertainties, companies are expected to consider all relevant information, even if that information is not required to be disclosed. In that section, we emphasize the need for attention to disclosure of cash requirements and sources of cash.

Critical Accounting Estimates Finally, we have included a separate section in this release regarding accounting estimates and assumptions that may be material due to the levels of subjectivity and judgment necessary to account for highly uncertain matters or the susceptibility of such matters to change, and that have a material impact on financial condition or operating performance.

Companies should consider enhanced discussion and analysis of these critical accounting estimates and assumptions that: Effect on Prior Commission Statements This release does not modify existing legal requirements or create new legal requirements.

We do not believe that the guidance in this release conflicts with prior Commission guidance, nor is it our intention to alter any prior Commission guidance.

Check list mccg

The focus of the project was to identify "disclosure that appeared to be critical to an understanding of each company's financial position and results, but which, at least on its face, seemed to conflict significantly with generally accepted accounting principles [GAAP] or SEC rules, or to be materially deficient in explanation or clarity.

Earlier this year, the Division published a summary of the most frequent general areas of comment resulting from this review. The topics addressed by the release were liquidity and capital resources including off-balance sheet arrangementstrading activities involving non-exchange traded contracts accounted for at fair value, and relationships and transactions with persons or entities that derive benefits from their non-independent relationships with the company or the company's related parties.

A reader's understanding of a company's fair value calculations or discounted cash flow figures also could, in some situations, be enhanced by providing a tabular summary of the company's various material interest and discount rate assumptions in one location.

As with all disclosure, what companies would appropriately include in an introduction or overview will depend on the circumstances of the particular company.

As a general matter, an introduction or overview should include the most important matters on which a company's executives focus in evaluating financial condition and operating performance and provide the context for the discussion and analysis of the financial statements.

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Therefore, an introduction or overview should not be a duplicative layer of disclosure that merely repeats the more detailed discussion and analysis that follows.

While all required information must of course be disclosed, companies should consider using a "layered" approach. Such an approach would present information in a manner that emphasizes, within the universe of material information that is disclosed, the information and analysis that is most important.

This presentation would assist readers in identifying more readily the most important information. Using an overview or introduction is one example of a layered approach.

Another is to begin a section containing detailed analysis, such as an analysis of period-to-period information, with a statement of the principal factors, trends or other matters that are the principal subjects covered in more detail in the section.

We would expect a good introduction or overview to provide a balanced, executive-level discussion that identifies the most important themes or other significant matters with which management is concerned primarily in evaluating the company's financial condition and operating results.

A good introduction or overview would: Because these matters do not generally remain static from period to period, we would expect the introduction to change over time to remain current.

An introduction or overview, by its very nature, cannot disclose everything and should not be considered by itself in determining whether a company has made full disclosure. Further, the failure to include disclosure of every material item in an introduction or overview should not trigger automatically the application of the "buried facts" doctrine, in which a court would consider disclosure to be false and misleading if its overall significance is obscured because material is "buried," such as in a footnote or an appendix.

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In addressing prospective financial condition and operating performance, there are circumstances, particularly regarding known material trends and uncertainties, where forward-looking information is required to be disclosed.

We also encourage companies to discuss prospective matters and include forward-looking information in circumstances where that information may not be required, but will provide useful material information for investors that promotes understanding.

Disclosure should emphasize material information that is required or promotes understanding and de-emphasize or, if appropriate, delete immaterial information that is not required and does not promote understanding.

However, financial measures often tell only part of how a company manages its business.Bryant & Stratton College believes life is a series of “&s”, a constantly evolving series of changes - & the kids needed me, & my car broke down, & I need a new job.

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6 What is a directors’ report? 6 What is a statement on risk management and internal control? Sedation/Analgesia Administration for Procedures ~ Pediatric Moderate/Procedural Sedation Page 3 of 14 QUALIFICATIONS/INITIAL COMPETENCIES.

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