Cell phones dangerous

These claims appear to be supported by some cell phone manufacturers, who print warnings in their cell phone instruction manuals.

Cell phones dangerous

January 6, Sponsored links Today we take a look at the possible dangers of sleeping with a cell phone under your pillow or near your head.

It can be dangerous for multiple reasons. Some information seems to indicate that cell phones may have an adverse effect on the brain, yet it remains unknown whether cell phone use is linked with brain tumors or brain cancer.

Cellular Phones

Still, most experts recommend taking a cautious approach of restricting usage to only necessary exposures. Sleeping with a cell phone under your pillow or next to your head is not advised due to the possibility of overexposure to potentially harmful radiation.

News Articles on Sleeping with a Cell Phone Under Your Pillow Following are several news stories on the issue of sleeping with a cell phone under your pillow: The following is a quote from the article: Some people are so attached to their cell phones that they sleep with them on their nightstand or even under their pillow.

If you need to be available for calls, place the phone several feet away from your bed. Joel Moskowitz advises against letting children sleep with their phones under their pillows.

The article reports on a science study which found evidence that the light and radiation from cell phones was linked to sleep disruptions. Not to mention, a text or call received while sleeping could awaken an individual and prompt a potential reply.

Huffington Post — An August Huffington Post article provides yet another reason for not sleeping with a cell phone under your pillow.

The article tells the story of year-old Ariel Tolfree whose cell phone caught fire as she slept with it under her pillow. Luckily, the girl was not harmed in the incident.

Cell phones dangerous

An official from the fire department said that the device overheated because it had no room to breathe. When left covered while charging, they could overheat and even ignite.

Does the use of cellular phones pose a danger of touching off explosions at gas stations?

Bustle reports that the phone was under the pillow. They report that the electromagnetic radiation waves emitted by cell phones have been categorized as a potential carcinogen.

However, many sources, including the U. Food and Drug Administration FDAhave not found that cell phones emit enough radiation to cause cancer, and there has been no solid scientific evidence of an association between cancer and cell phone usage.

Still, it may be best to exercise caution by limiting exposure to cell phone radiation. The following are tips provided by PBS to decrease exposure to cell phone radiation: Look for a cell phone with a low SAR level which suggests lower radiation levels.

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Restrict Talking Time — Limiting the time you spend talking obviously restricts exposure to cell phone radiation.There has been a lot of concern the last decade about cell phone radiation and the notorious SAR value.

For many people, SAR does not matter at all when it comes to choosing their next device; others swear by it and seek the least possible number. Copy9 is the place where you can download Copy9, one of the most popular spy apps created for both Android and iOS mobile srmvision.com the app is activated, users will get complete access to all the functions of the targeted phone remotely.

Cell phones dangerous

May 02,  · The internet is full of misinformation. I essentially don't believe any email or Joe blow web site until I can verify it is true. There are plenty of web sites and emails that claim a cell phone can start a fire at the gas pump.

Cell phones have vastly changed the way we communicate today. A cell phone can be all you need for communicating. From a cell phone you can make calls, text message, BBM message, email, send and receive directions, go on the Internet, buy things, do online banking, listen to music and much more.

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Experts Do Not Recommend Sleeping with a Cell Phone Under Your Pillow. The question of whether or not to sleep with a cell phone under your pillow is just a small part of a much larger debate on the subject of cellphone radiation. Mobile phone use while driving is common, but it is widely considered dangerous due to its potential for causing distracted driving and accidents.

Due to the number of accidents that are related to conducting calls on a phone and texting while driving, some jurisdictions have made the use of calling on a phone while driving illegal. Many jurisdictions have enacted laws to ban handheld mobile.

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