Away from her a film review

Add your rating See all 2 kid reviews. The progressive dementia rips apart what appears to be a storybook marriage to Grant Gordon Pinsent, in a finely nuanced turna former college professor. Married for forty-four years and childlessthey spend their days cooking, taking walks, skiing, and reading to each other in their log cabin by a lake, hardly needing anyone else's company. Until, that is, Fiona starts putting freshly washed pans away in the refrigerator.

Away from her a film review

Hire Writer Objectively the film is the struggle of relationship with a women suffering from Alzheimers.

Away from her a film review

I think that the director, Sarah Polley used role of Alzheimers in the film as a metaphor for how memory plays out in a long relationship: At a point in the film, where Grant drove Fiona, we get a glimmer that their marriage wasnt all like it seemed to be. Fiona mentions a younger woman, a student of Grants who somehow had an impact of their marriage.

Although Fiona doesnt come out right and say it, the film implies that Grant may have cheated or at least was tempted to cheat on her. After that incident, he swore he would do anything for her. Grant retired from the university and they moved out to the cottage on the lake, where the two have lived ever since.

It is interesting to see that memory is selective, and that through the whole disease she still seems to remember the things she wishes she would forget.

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The only flashback we see in the film is a screen shot of Fiona as a young woman smiling, no dialogue, just the image. I think the image isnt mean to represents a romantic past of their younger years, but an ideal of health that Grant wishes he had back. He is attempting to cope with a new Fiona he doesnt recognize, nor who recognizes him.

I think the film shows Grant discovering himself after being married to somebody for so long, realizing what unconditional love meant at the end of their marriage. In this case Grant reaches out to Marian, Aubreys wife to convince her that Aubrey come to visit Fiona.

Sarah Polley also uses subtle humour in her film. The humour in film provided relief to the tension of the film and also gave insight to the bigger perspective of life itself. The film focus is surrounding a debilitating disease and its impact on others, so it is important for comedic relief.

For example, Fiona jokes with Grant about not remembering where he was going, later adding in a just kidding. Although the films humour is not very substantial, I think it represents the idea that life goes on.

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I think that this is also characterized through the relationship that develops between Grant and Marian. Marian is a pretty witty older lady, and the dynamic of her and Grant is hilarious. Marian is straight to the point, strong spoken, while Grant is more passive in his speaking.

I think that this dynamic may have been similar to of Grants and Fionas relationship, although Fiona appears to be more classy than Marian. Fiona used humour subtly after learning of her condition.

Even her appointment with the doctor, she was using humour in some form to answer the doctors question.May 04,  · Despite the gravity of its subject, AWAY FROM HER is a film that provides its characters with redemption. Polley's script reflects an understanding of Alzheimer's and of marriage that is too rare in books and films%(36).

The act of being forgotten becomes pop-Bergman fair in Sarah Polley's Away from Her. If Polley's name rings a few bells, its because she was a rather prominent ingénue of independent cinema in the early '00s, her range swinging from. Away From Her is about the bonds that hold a couple together even when a couple faces challenges that test every ounce of their caring and commitment to each other.

Marian (Olympia Dukakis), Aubrey's wife, provides Grant with the key to dealing with Fiona.

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Movie reviews for Away From Her. MRQE Metric: See what the critics had to say and watch the trailer. The film Away From Her, is a screenplay adaptation from the short story Bear came over the Mountain by Alice Munro. The story focuses around the relationship of .

Melancholy Alzheimer's drama OK for teens and up. Read Common Sense Media's Away from Her review, age rating, and parents guide.

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