Architecture between east and west

Kamran Afshar-Naderi, Page: This group of works ranges from very commonplace match-box houses to large commercial complexes. The commercial success of these buildings has reached such a level that allows us to make an accurate description of their style. Right now in Iran, there are several quite distinct commercial styles, each with its own clientele and market.

Architecture between east and west

So we settled into it then and have spent most weekends since getting things ready for rentals at a suitably sedate pace of course. - Architecture News & Views from Ireland

We love the new kitchen and we are using the deck every day, which is great. I was pleased with the experience, Mick and his team through the whole experience have been helpful, prompt, patient and accommodating. I also wanted someone who could give my little bro the builder some guidance or advice if required.

He could also help both me, and my brother, learn about the whole process — design, development approval, building approval, energy efficiency assessment, construction contract review and selection, etc.

The Aardvarc Approach

I was reserved somewhat in my approach to the whole building process as I had heard SOOO many horror stories, or been advised by so many people of how difficult and frustrating the process is. So far — all good! The subtle greens of the lightweight cladding tone with the translucent panels recede into the shadows of the gnarled Bloodwoods, Xanthorrhoea and Livingstonias, leaving only the tracery of the fine timber battened construction on show.

The stepping longitudinal section of this project is masterful in directing view, inducing ventilation and choreographing lifestyle.


Handrails, roof pitches, floor levels and framing details have a rightness that can only come from a love of nature, a mastery of construction methods and an absolute commitment to architectural quality. Status competition The competition required a design with 1:Byzantine architecture is the architecture of the Byzantine Empire, also known as the Later Roman or Eastern Roman srmvision.comine architecture was mostly influenced by Roman and Greek architecture.

It began with Constantine the Great when he rebuilt the city of Byzantium and named it Constantinople and continued with his building of churches and the forum of Constantine. The East German authorities tried to explain away the Wall by claiming that the West was using West Berlin as a centre for spying and that the Wall was for keeping out spies.

They called the Wall “the anti-fascist protection barrier”.


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Architecture between east and west

Home» Difference Between East and West. The east and the west differ much when it comes to arts and architecture. The Renaissance art is known to have created waves in the west, and it is true that several museums in the western countries have housed art pieces of the Renaissance period.

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