An overview of the family matters american sitcom and the portrayal of the nerds

Character development[ edit ] In syndication, Steve Urkel first appeared on the 4th episode of the first season, "Rachel's First Date" as the show staff wanted to more naturally introduce him to audiences upon repeated viewings. On the 12th episode of the first season, " Laura's First Date ", he reappears as a nerdy young boy who takes Laura Winslow out on a date.

An overview of the family matters american sitcom and the portrayal of the nerds

The opposite sex repellent. Classic TV is, in fact, littered with nerds, geeks and dweebs whose roles were almost always the same: From Alex Keaton to Carol Seaver to Alex Dunphy, long has the nerdy sibling suffered to help us access the main characters.

Keaton Family Ties One of the things that, I think, traditionally comprises the characterization of a TV nerd is a sort of social ignorance—even, at times, a social aloofness.

Keaton fits into either category, though. He was smart and he owned it. In that sense, Alex Keaton was ahead of his time, but Mallory was the cool one, at least in high school terms she was pretty and archetypically materialistic and superficial and Jennifer was a tomboy, which is an automatic disqualifier from the world of TV geekery.

I think, in part, Michael J. Instead, he was a yuppie Republican, which could be easily confused with nerd, especially when contrasted with the innate coolness of two hippie parents.

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Not Fonzie Happy Days Fonzie was so cool that everyone else looked like a nerd whether they were or not. Richie was the standard against which all normalcy is measured. Ralph Malph was a horny girl-crazy teenager. Potsie was the lead singer in a rock band, which is about as far away from being a nerd as one can get.

Yet compared to Arthur Fonzarelli: In fact, this show is credited with popularizing the term nerd despite there not really being any nerds on it, at least by any typical TV standard i.

Consequently, he knew everything about everything. As for his geekdom? Observe him enlighten Diane about beer: It goes like this: Chandler had enough personality to keep from being a nerd. And Ross is just dorky enough to make Chandler even more everyman. This is about Ross.

Ross was much more layered, more nuanced than the typical TV nerd. So, Ross is a self-possessed version of Urkel. No longer did he or she have to wear glasses and high-water pants and be a virgin until they were They find their counterpoint and connect.

An overview of the family matters american sitcom and the portrayal of the nerds

He had everything else in life. Rachel belonged with Ross because somewhere along the line we stopped being Chandler and started being Ross. Hopelessly in love with Lisa Turtle, blindly devoted to Zack Morris and peerlessly adept in the art of making fake IDs, Screech was the lone nerd in a friend-group of beautiful people, and his nerdery was only enhanced by their beauty and vice versa, since that was his function.

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Carlton sort of falls into the Alex P. Keaton Wing of Nerddom: Like APK, Carlton owned who he was. He was unapologetic in his love for Tom Jones. Most importantly, though, he made Will Smith even cooler, and he did it without being a cartoon character like the aforementioned Screech or the about-to-be mentioned… 3.

That, and I grew up. Because that show was on until No, you shut up. Spock Star Trek The original nerd, Spock is ubiquitous. Live long and prosper.

But, to my mind, Sheldon represents the pinnacle of New Nerd, the culmination of all the work of TV nerds before him. To put this in perspective, consider the other people on this list.

Did Jaleel White (Steve Urkel of 'Family Matters') commit suicide?

Supporting actors or ensemble casts, all. The Big Bang Theory may have started off as an ensemble show, but Sheldon Cooper, played by the inimitable Jim Parsons, was impossible not to become the focal point. It reminds me of the Andy Griffith Show insofar as Barney was supposed to be the straight man, Andy the comedian, but Don Knotts was just too good to be restrained, and if you follow the trajectory of the show, you can see the transformation take place.

The nerds have spoken, and we have nominated Sheldon to lead us into the New Nerd Era.Due in part to the length of Family Matters’ run and in part to its position in the once vaunted TGIF primetime lineup, Steve Urkel was more the Schwarzenegger to Screech’s DeVito.

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He represents the peak of the one-dimensional, cool-enhancing, otherwise functionless character . Why Sitcoms Matter: The importance of being funny that the sitcom holds over the American viewer. the characters and members of the work and family communities.

The sitcom audience revels. American Sitcom Families Quiz. We give you the family. You tell us the sitcom they appeared in. Quiz by Quizmaster Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? Last updated: July 12, Family Matters. Griffin. Family Guy. Tanner. Full House or ALF.

Cleaver. Leave it to Beaver. Taylor. Family Matters is an American sitcom which originated on ABC from September 15, to May 9, , before moving to CBS from September 19, to July 17, A spin-off of Perfect Strangers, the series revolves around the Winslow family, a middle-class African American family living in .

best known for his portrayal of Steve Urkel, the nerdy young neighbor in the television sitcom Family Matters (), was said to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

An overview of the family matters american sitcom and the portrayal of the nerds

Up crept The Cosby Show and Family Matters which portrayed middle-class African American families, both with sitcom moms who were feisty and made bad decisions and mistakes of their own, all with.

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