2011 solidworks

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2011 solidworks

There are a couple First lets start off with the CommandManager. In my line of work, I have never needed to use it and it appears I never will: However, it is always good to be reminded of lesser used tools. I may be able to recommend a a solution to someone based on the posts like this one even if I do not have the need to use it.

That translates into the real world as being able to lay a sheet of paper or maybe a sticker onto a surface without wrinkling it, or stretching it. Which means that spherical and organic surfaces are off the list.

I understand the desire for this kind of feature, but I also understand the mathematical limitations. When you consider how the geometry would have to distort to make this possible, then you have to ask where would the distortion happen.

Things like graphics and text don't do well when you start to distort them. It doesn't take much to make them look like you are seeing them in a carnival mirror. I don't think that is the desired effect.

Really cool post, I'm defiantly going to play around with this feature, thanks Ricky Richard Williams I for one Rick, will use this now. Haven't had a reason before but it seems so easy according to how you taught it here that I'm ready to kick the tires.

2011 solidworks

Thanks Ricky Richie Hi Rod! I'm glad you liked the post. I'm going to try to zero in on some tools like this that really are handy but don't often get much press, so look for more in the future! Ricky Ricky Jordan Yes, I'm sure that there would be some mathematical challenges in expanding this tool in future versions….

You raise some great points. It's not the best tool for all jobs…but one that is often forgotten. My hope is that when we raise discussions like this we can help generate some ideas for SolidWorks to use in future versions.

Thanks for you inputs! It's good to explore features we don't use much. I try to do it as often as possible.

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Let us know how your experiences with it go!Remember some of these and you won’t be disappointed One of my goals while teaching SolidWorks is to make our customers as efficient as possible. The SolidWorks Enterprise PDM server components can run on workstations running XP, but in a production environment, SolidWorks Corporation requires the use of a server-specific operating system.


2011 solidworks

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The mark-up capabilities within eDrawings ensures easy two way design communication with internal and external project stakeholder. Apr 05,  · Solidworks was clean-installed with the SP downloaded. With a fresh reboot of Windows and start-up of SW, when I try to open a file .

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